NYPD Accident Result of Cut Brake Lines

NYPD Accident Result of Cut Brake Lines

(HorizonPost.com) – Liberals and their media cohorts have done their best to paint all police officers with the same brush of racism and excessive force that, in reality, applies to very few. This misrepresentation has led to rioting, calls by Liberal mayors and city councils to defund local departments, and the rash of ambushes that have wounded or killed too many of their numbers. Now, the NYPD has found its vehicles sabotaged on at least three separate occasions.

The most recent of the sneak attacks cause a patrol car to rear-end a vehicle at a stoplight in Queens. Turns out, this isn’t an unexpected outcome when somebody decides to cut the brake lines of an automobile.

Fortunately, there were no serious injuries because of the low speeds typically seen on streets in urban areas. However, since police cruisers are regularly involved in high-speed chases, the result might have turned tragic.

People involved in political rhetoric generally keep it to words, which is how it’s supposed to work in the United States. But incidents like these could be a harbinger of things to come if some group’s preferred candidate loses the presidential election in November.

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