Officials Investigate Suspected Energy Attacks in US

Officials Investigate Strange US Attacks

( – New technological advancements can serve as mixed blessings sometimes. For instance, microwave energy has many beneficial uses. At the same time, people can use microwaves as military-grade weapons. The US Air Force is currently testing one such powerful weapon to take down drones.

Scientists working for the National Academies of Science recently published a report discussing their belief that foreign states have been using microwaves to mount a series of attacks on US government officials at home and abroad. Those attacks reportedly cause a condition called “Havana Syndrome.”

US Officials Investigate Havana Syndrome Attacks

The first reported incidents of Havana Syndrome attacks happened in late 2016 in Havana, Cuba, hence the name. Victims reported experiencing various symptoms, including vertigo, visual problems, insomnia, pain in one or both ears, and cognitive disturbances. US Consulate officials in China reported staff members experienced similar symptoms the following year.

On April 27, 2021, The Hill reported that federal investigators were looking into a couple of recent attacks on US soil. Of particular concern is the fact that one of the incidents happened on a stretch of lawn located on the White House grounds.

An official working for the National Security Council reported they experienced Havana Syndrome symptoms in a suspected November 2020 attack. The other incident occurred in 2019 while a White House official was walking her dog.

The CIA created a task force to support its personnel in such events. The Department of State recently assigned a senior advisor to oversee its task force’s operations to protect staff members.

Havana Syndrome is a recent development, and no one knows the full extent of the attacks or the long-term side effects for victims. Hopefully, scientists and investigators can determine the source of these and put a stop to them.

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