Olympic Athletes Reportedly Receive Alarming Warning

Olympic Athletes Reportedly Receive Alarming Warning

(HorizonPost.com) – The Winter Olympics start on February 4 in Beijing, China, and athletes from all over the world are traveling to compete for their countries. On January 18, officials warned American Olympians to stay quiet about the alleged human rights violations taking place against the Uyghur people. Although United States citizens have the protected right of free speech afforded by the First Amendment, the privilege doesn’t extend to communist China. Speaking out against the country during the games could put the athletes in danger.

The Director-General of the Global Athlete group, Rob Koehler, said they can’t offer much protection for Americans during the Olympics. He pointed out that it would be in their best interests to stay silent while in China. If they have opinions about the accusations against the Asian country, Koehler stated they should “use their voice” once they’re back on US soil.

Cross country skier Noah Hoffman said he’s afraid for his teammates traveling to Beijing. He hopes they follow the expert’s advice to avoid any punishment by the Chinese government.

The United States, along with Japan, Australia, and Britain are already boycotting the Winter Games on a diplomatic level. Is that move enough to relay the American position without the athletes saying a word?

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