Passengers Fail to Act When Woman Is Assaulted on Train

Passengers Fail to Act When Woman Is Assaulted on Train

( – Most people understand what a Good Samaritan is: a person who jumps in and takes action when it’s needed. But what about a Bad Samaritan? That’s a person who can just stand and do nothing no matter how vile the act they’re witnessing. Now imagine a subway-style car full of Bad Samaritans watching — some actually taking videos of — a man forcibly undressing a woman and committing the most heinous type of assault he possibly can upon her. That’s exactly what happened on a train in suburban Philadelphia on October 13.

Police in Upper Darby Township, Pennsylvania, arrested Fiston Ngoy (35), whom police allege entered a train on the Market-Frankford Line, took the seat next to his victim, and proceeded to grope her. When she resisted, he allegedly shed his veneer of humanity and attacked — and took it further than one might even imagine considering two of the charges against him include specifications of deviant acts.

Ngoy, a homeless resident of Philadelphia, is being held in the Delaware County Prison on a $180,000 bond. According to court records, this is not his first run-in with the law, having faced a multitude of other charges dating back to 2015.

As for the other passengers, police Superintendent Timothy Bernhardt said he was “appalled” nobody helped the victim during her eight-minute ordeal. He declined to say how many people stood by and did nothing but offered the opinion “collectively, they could have got together and done something.”

Bernhardt praised the woman for her strength and said her ability to provide information to police investigators was, in his words, “unbelievable.”

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