Pelosi Wants to Pull Trump Out of the White House “By His Hair”

Pelosi Wants to Pull Trump Out of the White House

( – To use an analogy from American literature, President Donald Trump seems to be playing the part of the white whale for Speaker of the House Nancy “Captain Ahab” Pelosi (D-CA). Her latest rant seems to be a fantasy she has about being able to attack the president and a plan to “pull him out of [the White House] by his hair, his little hands, and his feet.”

It’s beginning to look like the Speaker has a fixation on human hair, after all, that was the choice she used to show her contempt for the American people. After all, on September 1, a story broke detailing how Pelosi flouted lockdown orders she believed should be imposed on the people, yet visited a closed San Francisco salon to get a cut and dry.

The Democrats have spared no effort to find a way to evict President Trump from the Oval Office since the day he beat Hillary Clinton, but each of their schemes was destined for failure. Those actions were bad enough, but now to have the Speaker of the House of the United States dreaming about physical violence goes beyond the pale.

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