Pennsylvania Governor VETOES Bill to Reopen State’s Restaurants

Pennsylvania Governor VETOES Bill to Reopen State's Restaurants

( – The coronavirus pandemic has harmed many businesses large and small, but perhaps none more so than the local bar and restaurant industry. It’s an industry where bartenders and servers rely on customer tips they can’t get when the establishments are closed. The strict and unbending restrictions of Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf (D) threatened to decimate the industry permanently.

On September 23, 2020, the Republican-led PA House of Representatives approved a measure that would’ve relaxed the stranglehold the small businesses are suffering under. After an unexplained delay of nearly a month, Governor Wolf finally carried out his threat to veto the bill.

The PA Tavern Association called it “another nail in the coffin of your neighborhood, family-owned taverns and licensed restaurants.” An informal survey of their members noted only 30% believe their business will survive. The governor’s veto statement said one reason he did so was he felt it was an appropriation of his authority, which is just one more example of a Liberal politician putting citizens last on their list.

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