People Facing Fines in Greece for Refusing to Vaccinate

People to Face Fines in Greece for Refusing to Vaccinate

( – The number of vaccinated citizens in Greece hovers around 63% of the population. This figure has resulted in the government taking a bold step to increase the percentage while quelling the Omicron spread. On January 17, officials implemented a punishment for those over 60 who remain unvaccinated. Until residents comply with the mandate, they will have to pay 50 euros, or $57 monthly, to the tax office. If they still don’t comply, the fine increases to 100 euros, or $114 monthly, until they do.

The government will use the money to help support its overwhelmed state hospitals.

Although about two-thirds of the population of the European country is vaccinated, only about 41.5% in the targeted age group have reached full vaccination status. The low rate prompted the government to take action for non-compliance. Health Minister Thanos Plevris said the age group has an “impact on the public health service,” prompting the move. The country is facing a sharp surge due to Omicron, and they believe this measure may help reduce pressure on local hospitals by pushing citizens to vaccinate.

Government spokesman Giannis Oikonomou stated authorities intend to enforce the law but plan to exclude those with health exemptions from the consequences of the law change.

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