Photographer Captures Amazing Close Encounter During African Safari

Breathtaking Footage Captured on Wildlife Safari

( – No trip to Africa would be complete without visiting a nature preserve and going on safari through the Savannah where one can see elephants, wildebeests, zebras and antelope in the distance living their lives across the plains. Sometimes, however, the wild animals can get a little too close for comfort. A group of people got a scary and wonderful surprise while touring the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya, when two wild cheetahs perched on the roof of their Land Cruiser. While the large cats gazed across the open field, photographer Paul Mahagi shot some once-in-a-lifetime footage.

The cheetahs were so close that the passengers in the vehicle could’ve touched them, but they remained inside the Cruiser with their hands at their sides, enjoying the close-up. The photographer said most incidents that end poorly happen because tourists either get out of the vehicle or try to feed the animals. Both are bad ideas.

Over time, the cats figured out they could use the jeeps passing by for a height advantage to see farther into the distance for prey. Mahagi said he’d seen this kind of encounter on television but “never dreamed” he would experience it himself.

The cats stayed for about 20 minutes before they had their fill, finally jumping down and disappearing back to their home on the reserve. Once they left, Mahagi and the tourists drove away with some amazing photos and an experience they won’t soon forget.

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