Piers Morgan Claims Anderson Cooper Backstabbed Him

(HorizonPost.com) – Piers Morgan claimed that Anderson Cooper backstabbed him while he was at CNN, saying that the network is “a lot less friendly than Fox News,” according to the Daily Wire.

“I gotta say, and this, you know, people can believe this or not, but I find it a very friendly collegiate place to work,” Morgan said referring to Fox News while on the network’s “On Air with Kara Swisher.”

He said that by contrast, CNN was less friendly and more backstabbing. He said he did not want to mention names but that “Anderson Cooper knows where he is.” While he did not say anything more of the matter, Morgan observed CNN’s “fascinating” changes over the years.

Morgan asserted that the network, which was originally nonpartisan and objective, became political. They are an “outright open Trump bashing entity,” he said.

CNN’s shift to the political left has not gone well for the company. CNN+ was dissolved after just a month of operation. The streaming service reportedly garnered less than 10,000 daily viewers and only secured around 150,000 subscribers, much smaller than the 2 million it intended to achieve.

In a series of changes, CEO Chris Licht has let go of prominent journalists such as Brian Stelter, John Harwood, Jeffrey Toobin, and Chris Cillizza. Licht also moved the lineup around in an attempt to shake things up. Don Lemon was also removed from his prime-time slot and onto a morning show with two other co-hosts.

Licht has allegedly vowed to bring the outlet more toward the political center again, adding that he will fire anyone who cannot change their partisan tone. Breitbart reports that if the outlet only claimed to be biased like MSNBC rather than branding itself as “objective,” then it might not be struggling with ratings.

“I want to acknowledge that this is a time of significant change, and I know that many of you are unsettled,” Licht said to employees. “There will be more changes, and you might not understand it or like it.”

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