Police Ambushed By Armed Gunman

(HorizonPost.com) – Last week, the Oklahoma City Police released the body cam video showing a suspect firing a gun at three officers after they lifted the mattress he was hiding under before he was shot by police.

The incident, which occurred on November 15 in a rural area outside of Oklahoma City, resulted in the death of the suspect, Timothy Johnson, whom police say was wanted in connection with an out-of-state felony warrant.

Officers were called to a travel trailer after being told Johnson had been seen entering it, according to police.

When officers met with Jennifer Garner, the woman who lived there, she told them nobody was inside and gave them permission to search the trailer.

On the body cam footage, officer Elisa McCoy is heard calling the suspect by one of his aliases and telling him to make himself known if he is inside.

Once inside the trailer, the officers begin searching the property, eventually lifting a mattress. Hiding in the storage area underneath the mattress was Timothy Johnson armed with a pistol.

According to police, gunfire was exchanged and two of the officers are seen leaving the trailer to take cover.

The officers re-enter the trailer a short time later, urging Johnson to surrender his weapon and “come out with your hands up.”

However, more gunfire is exchanged. One of the officers was struck in the face by debris and Timothy Johnson was shot.

According to the Oklahoma City Police, a tactical unit called to the scene later found Johnson dead.

Jennifer Garner was arrested for harboring a fugitive.

According to OKC Police Captain Littlejohn, Garner had known Johnson was hiding in the storage area under the mattress when she gave police permission to search the trailer.

The three officers involved in the incident have been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation.

Watch body cam footage HERE.

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