Prayer Event Was SPIED ON – Details Pouring In!

Prayer Rally Was Spied On, Report Reveals

( – An Arizona prayer rally was spied on and kept under surveillance last week as protestors gathered in a designated “Free Speech Zone” outside the Maricopa County Tabulation and Election Center (MCTEC), according to The Epoch Times.

Republican pastor Jerone Davison led the rally and urged protestors to put an end to election fraud, as it would be “the beginning of great trouble and sorrow.”

A drone could reportedly be seen flying overhead the rally and two armed police officers were positioned atop the MCTEC. Another two were positioned at the building across the street watching the scene below with binoculars.

“We got snipers—because we’re dangerous. Can’t you see how dangerous we are?” Angie Russo, a conservative Republican activist joked. Commenting on the “Free Speech Zone” protestors were confined to, Russo said that it was “ridiculous” because everywhere in America is a free speech zone.

Russo considered the surveillance intimidating, expressing skepticism about whether the county had something to hide as a result of the barricaded center.

While the protest continued, inside the tabulation center the ballots continued to be counted slowly despite the media projecting Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs as the winner, defeating Republican challenger Kari Lake who has not yet conceded.

Confidence in elections between the protestors was low, as both Russo and Michelle Dillard, a conservative Republican from Mesa, expressed their doubts in the process, citing voter suppression. Dillard claimed that voters had to wait in long lines as a result of tabulators not working.

Gage, a Maricopa County poll worker at the prayer rally, reiterated this point, saying that the polls were worse than they were in 2020 as tabulators stopped working in his precinct during early voting. He reportedly said he saw many voters leave the line out of frustration.

“They had to go. They didn’t have time to stand and wait any longer,” Gage told the outlet.

20% of Ballot tabulators malfunctioned on election day, despite previous testing the day before, according to county election officials.

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