Prime Minister DIAGNOSED – Illness Reported!

Prime Minister Gets Shocking Diagnosis

( – According to reports, two days after meeting with President Joe Biden and other international leaders at the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen revealed he had tested positive for coronavirus.

The prime minister revealed the news on his Facebook page, stating that he was symptom-free but had tested positive after attending the G20 conference in Indonesia.

Hun Sen hosted a conference of world leaders.

During the summit, Biden and Hun Sen spent a lot of time together, sitting next to one another at the gala dinner, greeting each other with a firm handshake, and conversing during a bilateral encounter.

Video reports show that during his opening remarks at the meeting, Biden erroneously referred to Hun Sen as the prime minister of Colombia and did not correct himself. Before the meeting, he told the press that he was headed to Colombia before correcting himself.


Biden then flew to Bali, Indonesia, for the G20 summit.

It is unknown what measures the White House will take in response to the announcement of Hun Sen’s sickness.

Reports show Biden contracted Covid in July even though the President has taken five doses of the coronavirus vaccine. His final vaccination was given in late October.

At the time, Biden stated the old vaccine or previous COVID infection would not provide the maximum protection. He believed that not enough Americans were receiving booster shots.

Then why keep taking them?

According to reports, as world leaders met in Indonesia to undertake the official business of managing international affairs, President Joe Biden abruptly canceled a G20 meeting. The official justification for Biden’s last-minute withdrawal had many again questioning whether the president was ill.

Peter Doocy, a White House correspondent for Fox News, reported that Biden was meant to be at a dinner at 8:10 p.m. in Bali, Indonesia. Biden spent two days flying to be here for this dinner.

Doocy explained Biden informed them that he had a cold but had tested negative for Covid, even though the Cambodian leader from the last stop tested positive.

Surely, Biden enjoyed his stay in whatever place he thought he was staying.

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