Prisoner Released After Court Finds Him Wrongfully Convicted

Prisoner Released After Court Finds Him Wrongfully Convicted

( – Although the American court system includes many procedures to ensure justice is served, that isn’t always the case. In 1995, a jury convicted James Lucien for shooting and killing Ryan Edwards in Massachusetts. They sentenced him to life in prison. After spending more than a quarter of a century behind bars, the court realized it had made a terrible mistake and released the man on December 7.

Lucien’s attorney, Dennis Toomey, said the court simply didn’t hear “evidence they could have used to acquit” Lucien.

According to the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office, the Boston police officer assigned to the case in 1995, Detective John Brazil, was part of a corruption scheme with other officers to steal seized money and falsify warrants. According to reports, Brazil tampered with evidence in the case.

Lucien doesn’t seem to hold any ill will toward the court and is just happy to be back with his family. On the other hand, the victim’s family members are upset they will never see justice for their loved one. Although they are disappointed in the lack of closure, the judge encouraged them to put the blame, not on Lucien, but where it belongs – on Brazil.

Meanwhile, the wrongly-convicted Massachusetts citizen can live out the rest of his days as a free man.

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