Prominent Democrat Announces Plans to Retire

Prominent Democrat Announces Plans to Retire

( – In 1992, voters elected Representative Bobby Rush (D-IL) to speak on their behalf in Congress, a position he held for 15 terms. However, on January 3, he announced his intent to retire from his position to spend more time with his grandchildren. The former Black Panther told reporters he didn’t want his family to know him as a historical figure, but rather develop a more personal relationship he’d like to accomplish out of office.

Rush reportedly had a discussion with his 19-year-old grandson, who helped him reach his retirement decision.

The legislator is one of 25 Democrats to announce their departures from the House of Representatives ahead of the upcoming midterm elections. Although this will be the first opportunity since the 90s for someone else to represent Illinois in the House, Rush’s district is heavily Democratic. That means the seat will likely stay with the Left, but nothing is a guarantee when it comes to politics.

Considering the number of people leaving the House, there’s no telling who will fill all those positions. It’s possible the mass exodus could give voters the chance to fill some of those seats with Republican representatives in November.

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