Push To End Meat Isn’t Working In America

(HorizonPost.com) – The push to stop Americans from eating meat is not working, according to Newsweek. Even as prices of beef and cattle rise and are projected to continue rising, it does not appear that American consumers are budging. With the vegan and vegetarian movements in the United States trying to gain a foothold in the culture and the Democrats’ climate change agenda which has signaled a war on farmers, a new poll revealed that most Americans eat meat and won’t stop. 

Most of the 1,500 voters surveyed for Newsweek by Redfield and Wilton Strategies commonly eat meat and believe that doing so is healthy. They also believed that doing so is not harmful to the climate. Most respondents agreed that it is healthy to eat meat. 35 percent strongly agreed, and 41 percent just agreed. 14 percent neither agreed nor disagreed. A smaller percentage disagreed that eating meat was healthy—just 5 percent. 

The poll revealed that 81 percent of people eat meat at least once a week and 10 percent eat it one to two times a month. Four percent said that they never eat meat and three percent said that they never eat meat. 

While some health experts say that meat is unhealthy and negatively impacts the environment, others say the opposite. What is true is that meat is a high source of protein and contains around 25 to 30 percent protein by weight, according to Healthline. It also contains a rich source of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin B12, niacin, and selenium.

Nevertheless, it is reported that raising cattle emits large amounts of greenhouse gases. A paper by Nature Food reportedly reveals that 57 percent of food production carbon emissions come from raising cows, pigs, and herds. 

In the agenda against climate change, new reports allege that eating red meat can lead to early death.  

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