Rand Paul: Voter Fraud Happened and Election Was Stolen

Rand Paul: Voter Fraud Happened and Election Was Stolen

(HorizonPost.com) – Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) now has a target on his back for the Liberal-biased “journalists” who are more interested in seeing President Donald Trump ousted by any means possible. His unforgivable sin? He came straight out and explained the truth of voter fraud and stolen elections.

The Liberals used to argue there was no voter fraud, then appended the claim with “widespread” and finally added another qualifier of “sufficient to influence the outcome of the election.” And when they find that almost 4,000 illegal aliens voted in Nevada or that Dominion voting machines allegedly changed 6,000 votes — which means a 12,000 vote swing — in Michigan, they pass these incidents off as outliers.

Perhaps they never paid attention to what happened to the RMS Titanic where the story went something like this:

  1. There are no icebergs there at this time of year (there was no voter fraud).
  2. Oh, look, there are icebergs, but they’re just little ones (there was no widespread voter fraud).
  3. CRASH! (…?)

Those who don’t learn from history… well, we know the rest. Thank goodness for patriots like Rand Paul, who defend our elections’ integrity and support our president.

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