Republican Leader Vetoes 22 Bills

Republican Leader Vetoes 22 Bills

( – Some folks interpret the old adage “don’t cut your nose off to spite your face” as an exhortation not to do anything foolish because you’re in a snit. Apparently, Arizona’s Republican Governor Doug Ducey has never heard that advice. Because the state legislature hasn’t put a budget proposal on his desk, he decided to get their attention by vetoing 22 bills awaiting his signature — including some he has called “good policy.”

If one wanted to be generous — and a smart-aleck — one could say he’s accomplished something no other politician in the country has done recently: He’s created a truly bipartisan effort. Unfortunately for him, that means both sides of the aisle are taking shots at him. State Sen. Sean Bowie (D) tweeted about the “high-handed gubernatorial pressure.”

From the Republican side, State Representative Mark Finchem was a bit more direct, saying the governor was having “a man-style temper tantrum” and “attempting to act as a petty dictator.”

The vetoes included bills that would prohibit the use of taxpayer money for Critical Race Theory training and prevent the mailing of ballots to people who do not specifically request them.

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