Residents Accuse ‘Super Mayor’ Henyard of Dictatorial Behavior

( – The mayor of Dolton, a south suburb of Chicago, has come under fire over her questionable spending and concerns that the village is not paying its bills, NBC Chicago reported.

In late January, a WGN investigative report revealed that Mayor Tiffany Henyard and her allies had been making lavish purchases on government credit cards, including expensive restaurants, air travel, and hotels.

Henyard, who is also a supervisor with Thornton Township, along with other township officials, spent nearly $67,000 in recent months on trips to Atlanta, Austin, New York City, and Portland.

While in Atlanta, Henyard and her allies spent over $9,000 to stay at a Four Seasons Hotel. For their trip to New York City, the group stayed at the Times Square Mariott Marquis where they racked up a bill of $13,098.

Based on airline records reviewed by WGN, Henyard and her group frequently fly first class.

Officials in Dolton told NBC Chicago that there were concerns that at least six police cars and six Public Works department vehicles could get repossessed due to the village’s outstanding car loans.

Village Trustee Brittny Norwood told NBC Chicago that Mayor Henyard refuses to let officials review the village books. Norwood said the last time they reviewed the records several months ago, the village was $7 million in the red.

At a February 5 village board meeting, Henyard, who has christened herself “Super Mayor,” dismissed concerns about how she spends taxpayer money, telling the Board of Trustees, “I am your leader.”

Some vendors who have done work for Dolton showed up at the meeting to demand to know when they would be paid.

Trustee Jason House said the problems went beyond unpaid car loans. He said he had fielded phone calls from various vendors who had not been paid and when he brought the calls to the mayor’s attention, “it really falls on deaf ears.”

According to WGN, Henyard’s foundation, “Tiffany Henyard Cares” has also benefited from taxpayer money, charging thousands of dollars to government credit cards for hotel rooms and meals during its events.

The Illinois Attorney General’s Office has threatened to take legal action against the foundation for failing to file financial disclosures required by law that detail how the foundation’s money is spent.

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