Residents Unscathed as Corner of Bronx Apartment Building Falls

( – A seven-story apartment building in the Bronx collapsed on Monday, leaving apartments exposed and a convenience store partially buried by wood and bricks, the Associated Press reported.

Firefighters spent hours Monday night using heavy equipment, buckets, and power tools to comb through the debris but found nobody trapped under the rubble that in some spots was 12 feet deep.

FDNY Chief of Department John Hodgens told reporters at a news conference that the objective was to search to the bottom of the debris to ensure that anyone trapped in the rubble could be rescued in time.

According to the FDNY, two people sustained minor injuries while attempting to evacuate the damaged structure.

City officials are looking into the cause of the collapse which occurred while the façade of the nearly 100-year-old building was undergoing repairs.

One corner of the building that remained in place had walls sheared away and floors sagging. In one unit, a bed was jutting out away from the floor into the air.

During the search, firefighters used at least one drone to peer into the exposed units while firefighters on high ladders shined bright lights into the apartments. Meanwhile, a search dog worked its way through the rubble, which included twisted metal from scaffolding, as a robotic dog was deployed in the debris.

An inspection of the building in 2020 found cracked bricks and damaged mortar on the structure’s façade, according to records from the Building Department.

Building Department Commissioner Jimmy Oddo told reporters that the façade work was underway but he did not believe that any workers were at the site when the building collapsed.

Oddo said that while the building had seven unresolved violations on record, none of them was structural. He explained that an unsafe façade is not the same as an unsafe building.

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