Rioters in Portland Attack Police Building

Protesters in Portland Attack Police Building

( – With the trial of Derek Chauvin looming in the background, another officer-involved shooting in the Minneapolis, MN, suburb of Brooklyn Center has ignited a new round of rioting around the country. In Portland, Oregon, in the early hours of April 14, rioters returned to their unruly tactics and torched the Portland Police Union Building, amongst other acts of violence.

The same group of agitators responsible for the rioting during the summer of 2020 — Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa — are allegedly leading the attacks aimed at law enforcement.

Federal prosecutors pursuing criminal cases against some offenders in Portland’s last insane round of riots are making deals known as deferred resolution agreements, potentially allowing offenders to scrub their records clean. According to an article published by Politico, some ascribe these plea agreements to administrations’ change in Washington, DC. If true, it doesn’t bode well for the future of law and order in the United States.

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