Robert Kennedy Jr’s Polling Shows There’s Hope For The Democrat Party

( – According to a poll, many Biden supporters have switched their allegiance to Robert Kennedy. A USA Today/Suffolk University poll showed that 14% of those who supported Biden in 2020 will support Kennedy in 2024. Among his 2020 supporters, 67% say they will support him again. The poll further revealed that Kennedy draws support from younger voters and those without a college degree.

Kennedy, the nephew of former President John F. Kennedy, has thrown a cat among the pigeons in the Democrats. He bucks the trend and speaks openly in opposition to the coronavirus vaccination. He has questioned the efficacy of a variety of vaccines for some years. He is banned from most mainstream social media sites and says he has been censored for decades because of his views.

He also speaks out about the war in Ukraine and said the American public is being lied to. He told Tucker Carlson that while we are told Ukraine is winning the war, the reality is that Russia is killing Ukrainian troops at a ratio of 8 to 1.

At a recent rally, Kennedy blamed Donald Trump for imposing the coronavirus vaccine and for allowing lockdowns, which he described as the “biggest shift in wealth in human history.” He said the lockdown was the worst thing Trump had done and caused immense damage to the US economy and Americans’ civil rights.

The mainstream media is already describing the Democrat as a “conspiracy theorist.” Old allegations of alcoholism and infidelity are also re-surfacing. A report by the left-wing paper The Guardian claimed that he was spreading disinformation online and that he funded 54% of anti-vaccine ads on Facebook.

Kennedy readily admits that members of his own family firmly disagree with his views but adds that it’s normal that families don’t agree on all issues. His wife, actress Cheryl Hines, also disagrees with him on vaccination, but she recently tweeted that he has her full support in the upcoming election campaign. She said he is a true leader who understands everyday Americans’ needs.

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