Ron DeSantis Accused Of Mimicking Ted Cruz Strategy Against Trump

( – Former disgraced MSNBC host Chris Hayes is back on the far-left cable news network doing his part to help secure the GOP nomination for Donald Trump.

During a panel discussion on Friday, Hayes was reacting to the recent Fox News interview with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, in which Fox host Will Cain asked the presidential candidate about his polling numbers. 

DeSantis told Cain that he doesn’t consider polling this early in the race to be a problem for his campaign, noting that he isn’t running to “juice polling now” but to win the primaries.

Hayes suggested that there isn’t a good way to answer a question like that and added that it isn’t a question a candidate wants to hear, Mediaite reported.

Hayes claimed that DeSantis is to blame for being so far behind Donald Trump just six weeks after launching his presidential campaign, arguing that DeSantis is a “far right-wing king” and his policies on immigration, abortion, and LGBT are not “broadly popular” with the general electorate.

Hayes suggested that DeSantis is facing the same problem that Texas Senator Ted Cruz faced in 2016. He said Cruz, like DeSantis, tried running on his record as “an extreme conservative jerk.”

Hayes suggested that the reason Cruz’s presidential campaign failed is that he was staking out “the furthest right positions on everything,” including gay marriage, climate change, and immigration.

He concluded that Cruz used a “2016 version of the Ron DeSantis playbook” which he described as being “as obnoxiously right-wing as possible.”

Hayes suggested that DeSantis will likely face the same end as Ted Cruz. Chris Hayes inadvertently confirmed what Governor DeSantis said during his interview on Fox.

DeSantis told Will Caine that he is being attacked by the leftist establishment because he is the candidate they fear the most.

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