Rudy Giuliani COURT Decision – Judge Decides!

Judge Won’t Allow Suit Against Giuliani To Be Tossed

( – Two Georgia election workers who spoke before the House committee looking into the attack on January 6 filed a defamation lawsuit, and a federal court on Tuesday rejected a request by Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani to have the case dismissed.

Giuliani, according to D.C. District Court Judge Beryl Howell, contributed to “increasingly ridiculous paranoia by spreading bogus allegations that the election was rigged.”

According to Howell, the once ‘America’s mayor’ and current media personality Rudolph Giuliani promoted and advanced that false narrative.

The witnesses who spoke before the panel on January 6 to describe how false assertions from Giuliani, including a video he shared repeatedly accusing the two poll workers of counting fake ballots, upended their lives are Shaye Moss and her mother, Ruby Freeman.

The claims made by the Trump campaign were thoroughly refuted, but not before they raised the prospect of death.

The lawsuit covers both intentional inflictions of mental distress and slander.
The plan “provide[s] strong circumstantial evidence of a civil conspiracy between Giuliani and others of the Trump Campaign,” Howell said, adding that Giuliani “orchestrated and implemented a strategic strategy” both the false fraud allegations and the accusations the campaign made against Moss.

Howell’s decision moves the trial onto the discovery phase when Moss and Freeman can ask Giuliani for additional evidence.

In her fourth hearing before the Jan. 6 committee in June, Moss reviewed what had transpired since she and her mother were identified in the Giuliani-shared film.

“It has significantly impacted my life—all due to lying. I’m just doing what I’ve always done.”

He said it upended his life. He stopped handing out business cards. He doesn’t want his name to be known to anyone.

Eventually, Trump supporters showed up at Moss’s grandmother’s house and forced their way inside to arrest Moss and Freeman as citizens.

Later, the FBI recommended Freeman leave her home.

I spent roughly two months away from my house. I had no home. In the video aired by the committee, she said, “I can’t believe this guy has brought devastation to my family and me.

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