Rudy Giuliani’s Law License Suspended

Rudy Giuliani's Law License Suspended

( – The American Bar Association sets rules for the proper relationship between an attorney and their client and specifically says in rule 1.2 paragraph (d):

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With that in mind, one needs to look at what really happened in the State of New York when a panel of judges temporarily suspended Rudy Giuliani’s law license. For their part, the panel found Giuliani made “false and misleading statements” regarding the 2020 presidential election causing an ongoing threat to the public interest.

The former NYC mayor worked with former President Donald Trump to uncover (he couldn’t KNOW before he tried) any fraud perpetrated by the Democrats or their agents in the November 2020 election.

Giuliani immediately went on the offensive against the five-member tribunal reportedly made up of politically Liberal Democrat jurists. He said he’s permitted to have clients and that President Trump is allowed to have legal counsel in the United States of America.

To that point, he added that “we’re getting to be like East Germany,” referring to the client-state of the former Soviet Union. He added anything he said regarding the election was obtained through witness interviews — not flights of fancy he made up. The ex-president also defended Giuliani with his trademark hyperbole by comparing him to the famed Eliot Ness, who took down gangster Al Capone.

As part of their ruling, the judges said, “We conclude that the respondent’s conduct immediately threatens the public interest,” without ever discussing how a matter that they consider to be moot could be so dangerous. The 77-year-old lawyer plans to appeal the ruling and demand a full ethics investigation.

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