Rudy Giuliani’s Son Makes Big Announcement

Rudy Giuliani's Son Makes Big Announcement

( – Sometimes, poetry says it best:

Float like a butterfly,

sting like a bee

there’s been a big announcement,

from the son of Rudy

[with all due apologies to Mr. Ali].

Andrew Giuliani let the world know he’ll be running for governor of New York State in 2022. He likened his possible matchup against embattled incumbent Andrew Cuomo to the 1971 title fight of Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier.

He comes with instant name recognition as the son of one of the most beloved mayors in New York City history and from working in President Donald Trump’s administration. That could be a huge boost to him during the Republican Party primary, but the Leftist media is already belittling and mocking him.

The very Liberal Vanity Fair website published an article on their website saying he was “kicked off the Duke golf team for being an a****le.” Meanwhile, the headline on The Daily Beast has already declared it to be a “doomed” endeavor. If President Trump decides to endorse him, that will go a long way among Republican voters. But he might still have an uphill battle for the nomination against Republican Rep. Lee Zeldin, who has four terms in Congress and close ties to the Trump family.

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