San Francisco Blasted for Giving Money to Artists

San Francisco Blasted for Giving Money to Artists

( – Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) — AOC — and her Squad have demanded a Basic Universal Income, providing each American monthly government checks. While that concept has yet to take hold on a national level, Progressive Liberals on the Left Coast are making their own effort in the city of San Francisco, announcing that 130 artists will get a $1000/month stipend through the fall.

The city’s Office of Racial Equity will manage the government program that is biased towards those in “historically marginalized communities” and includes genres like dance, creative writing, and theater, among others. Republican gubernatorial hopeful John Cox took to his Twitter feed to express his feelings using a single, artful image.

He was not alone in his derision. A Daily Mail article included screenshots of other tweets, including one asking “Gee, what could possibly go wrong,” and one clever person requesting their check because they “identify as an artist that lives in San Francisco.”

Once this idea and others like it become ingrained in the public consciousness, how far down the path to Socialism/Communism will the Left drag the country, and at what cost?

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