Sarah Sanders: Liberal Media Covered up for Biden’s Son

Sarah Sanders: Liberal Media Covered up for Biden's Son

( – When claims about Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, and his business dealings in China and Ukraine arose, the leftist mainstream media scrambled to protect the Democratic candidate and reverted to two of their typical tactics. They either buried it or claimed it had already been debunked. There are even the audio clips of the highest echelons at CNN strongly suggesting their staff ignore the whole thing.

Now, just weeks after the November 3 election, the younger Biden has revealed that he’s under a grand jury investigation because of the payments he received from the Chinese government and other countries. Since there were connections to the Democratic Party’s nominee, headlines decried it as a “political hit job” and “fact-checkers” did their best to convince people it was fake.

This is the second story in less than a week which seems to vindicate claims by the president. The other was an admission by Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) that the Democrats blocked the passage of any coronavirus relief measures. The question now becomes, will it make any difference, or will Joe Biden take the oath of office under a dark cloud?

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