Scottish Greens Party Expels 13 Members

( – Thirteen members of the Scottish Greens Party faced expulsion for signing a declaration that called sex a biological reality and detailed women’s rights in maintaining female-only spaces such as changing rooms, sleeping facilities, and hospital wards, among other things.

Included in the expelled members is a decade-long activist who reportedly worked tirelessly to promote the party’s green agenda.

The declaration, named Scottish Green Women’s Declaration, aimed to empower women with some basic human rights like giving them separate changing rooms, hospital wards, prisons, hotels, and other facilities, adding that women should have a right to refuse males from entering these facilities.

Similarly, the declaration also advocated that females should be allowed to discuss the policies that affect them without feeling threatened or abused.

As women are more affected by the deteriorating global climate, more females should be empowered to work in the climate change sector, the declaration further noted.

It also mentioned that sex and gender are two different terms and should not be conflated, to protect women, who face disproportionate oppression in many fields.

However, the party maintained that the signatories breached its code of conduct and threatened the inclusion of trans members in the party.

One expelled member, David Jardine, who has actively supported the party’s leftist agenda since 1983, stated that the decision suggests the party did not fully read the declaration’s content before making its decision.

Another expelled activist Topher Dawson dismissed the party’s claims that the signatories of the declaration are transphobic. He said that the inclusion agenda only wants to reverse the years-long effort through which women won their rights. He also said that the party does not even want anyone to discuss this issue.

The now-expelled members claimed that the party was curbing free thought and eroding women’s rights within its ranks.

The party’s spokesperson confirmed the development and said that this expulsion sends a decisive message just before the commencement of Pride Month that the party stands firmly behind the LGBTQ+ community.

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