Sean Hannity Slams FBI in Epic Fox News Rant

Sean Hannity Slams FBI In Epic Fox News Rant

( – Sean Hannity is a Fox News and radio host who’s unabashedly both a Conservative and supporter of President Donald Trump. He’s sounding an alarm over potential abuses of power in the eventuality that Joe Biden is elected president. He came down hard on the idea that the candidate’s as yet unnamed choice for Attorney General (AG) — the person to whom the FBI reports — will perpetuate the witch hunt the Progressives began even before Trump’s inauguration.

Andrew Weissmann, a senior prosecutor in the Mueller investigation, in a New York Times op-ed, has “reluctantly” concluded that the Phantom AG should continue his jihad against the president. One has to wonder if having his obstruction of justice theories debunked by the Senate acquittal has left him bitter?

Hannity and others, like Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL), believe that President Trump should preemptively pardon himself and members of his family to short-circuit the Liberals’ plans. If it should come to that, it might foreshadow just how difficult life may be under the Democrats.

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