Serial Killer Faces 160 Years in Prison

Serial Killer Faces 160 Years in Prison

( – Between September and December 2016, a man turned an area just outside Newark, New Jersey, into his personal hunting ground using an online dating app to track down vulnerable women. In 2019, a jury convicted Khalil Wheeler-Weaver of multiple counts of murder, sexual assault, attempted murder, and kidnapping.

After several delays due to the pandemic, and five years after his reign of terror, a judge agreed with the only living victim: Wheeler-Weaver was utterly without remorse. The court sentenced him to 160 years in prison.

The prosecution laid out an extensive case, including electronic tracing evidence, to show Wheeler-Weaver was at all the locations, from where he picked up the victims to locations authorities found the remains of the three women he killed. He attacked the fourth woman in her car, where he knocked her unconscious. When she woke up in the backseat, she was being choked and assaulted; thankfully, she managed to escape. Sadly, she claims when she phoned the police, they did not believe her story.

The killer apparently targeted former sex workers who suffered from mental health issues or housing instability and were likely to have fewer people in their lives who would miss them. Police were able to identify him as a potential suspect when the sister and friends of his fourth victim “catfished” him by setting up a fake account on the dating app and luring him to meeting with officers at a Panera Bread.

When law enforcement discovered the body of Sarah Butler, they connected it to Wheeler-Weaver and started the process that led to his lengthy prison sentence. When he addressed the court before the judge dropped the gavel on him, he claimed he was innocent and framed for the crimes. He said, “My heart goes out to their family and friends. However, I was not the person who committed these crimes.”

He will be eligible for parole in 140 years, meaning he will die in prison.

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