Shaky International Relations Put Kamala Harris’s “Root Causes” Plan In Jeopardy

Shaky International Relations Put Kamala Harris's

( – Vice President Kamala Harris recently unveiled the administration’s plan to address what she and others see as the “root causes” behind the flood of Latin American migrants at the Mexican border. Their focus is on the country’s southern neighbors, known as the “Northern Triangle” countries of Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, with the idea of providing $4 billion over four years to alleviate the crushing poverty they believe forces many to turn northward.

However, the Biden/Harris administration is facing problems that could make the plan difficult to implement, according to a report from The Hill. Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, in defiance of the US embargo of Cuba, has sent ships full of supplies to the Communist nation.

Additionally, America’s ties with Honduras are strained because President Juan Orlando Hernández is reportedly active in the drug trade. When his brother Tony was sentenced in federal court to life in prison for drug trafficking, the prosecutors handling the case said it was “state-sponsored drug trafficking,” implicating the country’s government.

As for El Salvador, President Nayib Bukele has allegedly become focused on turning the country into a totalitarian state with a cabal of National Assembly members. As reported by the Human Rights Watch on the first day his party held a supermajority, they “removed and replaced all the judges of [the nation’s] Supreme Court.” Vice President Harris was quick to take to her Twitter feed to condemn the action.

To state the obvious, the United States simply cannot unilaterally implement these ideas. They have to partner with the countries involved. One question must be answered: Is working with these countries when there’s such corruption at the highest government levels even possible?

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