Sinaloa Cartel’s Strict No-Fentanyl Mandate

( – The notorious Sinaloa cartel, the Mexican drug cartel responsible for most of the fentanyl imported into the United States is now prohibiting the production and sale of the synthetic opioid within its territory after increased pressure from American law enforcement, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The order to stop production and sale comes from the Chapitos, the group within the cartel that is led by the four sons of former Sinaloa drug lord Joaquín Guzmán, aka El Chapo.

El Chapo was responsible for transforming Sinaloa into a global drug empire, overseeing the global supply of narcotics from cocaine in Columbia to heroin in Mexico and fentanyl produced from materials imported from Asia.

According to cartel operatives who spoke to the Wall Street Journal, the order from the Chapitos is aimed at evading increasing pressure from US law enforcement. However, some US officials are doubtful that the ban will remain in place for long.

Reuters first reported in early October on the roadside banners or “narco mantas” that were popping up in the northern part of Sinaloa state. The banners, signed by the Chapitos, said that the production, sale, “or any type of business” involving fentanyl was “strictly prohibited.”

Former DEA agent Leo Silva told Reuters at the time that the banners were probably an attempt by the Chapitos to shift the blame for fentanyl production and sale to others to “take the heat off of them.”

Silva said there was too much money in fentanyl for the Sinaloa cartel to “turn down and turn their back on.”

According to the Wall Street Journal report, some US officials agree with Silva.

The officials told the Journal that there have been no significant signs of a change in output or strategy, and suggested that the prohibition could be a “public relations ploy.”

One official echoed Silva, telling the Journal that the Chapitos believe that “if they do this, they won’t take as much heat.”

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