Smart Guns May Come to US Soon

Smart Guns May Come to US Soon

( – Although smart guns have been the subject of debate for the last 20 years, the concept seems to be taking shape in America. Three gun manufacturing companies in the United States plan to have their own smart gun versions available for sale to the general public by the end of 2022. One company, LodeStar, recently unveiled its 9mm version to its shareholders and interested investors. Meanwhile, Smartgunz LLC is still beta testing its product with the intention of creating smart weapons for police officers. In Colorado, Biofire’s smart gun is still in its developmental stage.

Although it doesn’t appear the new technology would replace non-smart weapons, would-be gun owners could soon have the option to buy one.

What Is a Smart Gun?

A smart gun is designed with smart technology to prevent unauthorized people from firing the weapon. For instance, a child who happens upon the weapon in the home or a criminal wielding a stolen smart gun would be unable to shoot it. These advance weapons can accomplish this feat in one of two ways. The first way involves a radio frequency identification (RFID) token the owner would wear. The device would talk to the smart gun within a certain distance and verify the owner is, in fact, the one holding the weapon.

The other way is through the use of biometric recognition technology like the owner’s palm print or fingerprint, which would activate the gun for use.

Arguments for and Against the Technology

National Rifle Association (NRA) recently stated it isn’t opposed to the technology, as long as no laws are requiring all guns to have it.

Those against the idea are afraid the technology will malfunction, costing precious time in a dangerous situation. Others see it as too expensive to be a viable option for most people who want to acquire a gun. A German company reportedly tried to develop a smart model, but the product got hacked. Some people also have concerns about Second Amendment rights infringements.

People behind the idea of smart or personalized guns believe the technology could reduce suicide rates, lessen household accidents involving children, make stolen guns useless, and keep more police officers safe.

Unfortunately, most technology comes with the danger of hacking, which is something to consider as smart guns reach the United States market. While some may favor the idea of bringing more gun safety to ownership, manufacturers must be cognizant of the possibility and plan accordingly.

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