Special Agents FOUND Something – Secret Stashes!

Special Agents Find Secret Stash Houses

(HorizonPost.com) – In Webb County, Texas, special agents with the Department of Public Safety discovered two “stash houses” housing 31 undocumented immigrants.

A little after six o’clock on Tuesday evening, special agents from the Department of Public Safety in Laredo, working in conjunction with agents from the United States Border Patrol, observed suspicious activity at two different residences in the city.

The first house, located on the east side of Laredo, was where fifteen illegal immigrants were found. The second house, which was found in the south of Laredo, was where sixteen illegal immigrants were found.

According to a press statement, all illegal aliens have been handed over to the United States Border Patrol and are believed to be from Mexico or Guatemala.

Operation Lone Star, an operation to secure the border initiated by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, was responsible for the finding.

In September, the office of Abbott released a press statement stating that “Operation Lone Star continues to plug the hazardous holes left by the Biden administration’s failure to protect the border.” Because of President Biden’s policy of open borders, every person detained or arrested, as well as every ounce of drugs that are confiscated, would have otherwise made their way into communities all around the state of Texas and the rest of the country.

When authorities find stash houses, the aliens are typically crowded together in awful conditions. There is no bedding available. According to Dustin Araujo, assistant chief patrol agent for the RGV Sector, there are limited supplies, no air conditioning, and limited food and water, and the aliens might be in those conditions for days or weeks sometimes.

Araujo stated that agents have identified migrants of all ages, ranging from children to the elderly, men and women and that occasionally these migrants are the victims of abuse and sexual attacks.

The folks trafficking drugs do not care about the people they are housing.

They are not going to spend any additional money to make it any more comfortable in any way,” Araujo said. “Until the traffickers are ready to take them forward, they are keeping them under control in that atmosphere,”

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