State Cancels Election Contract

( – Last month, Alabama Secretary of State-elect Wes Allen announced that the state would be withdrawing from the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC), a voter-roll management system with ties to far-left groups.

In a statement, Allen said he campaigned for Secretary of State on the promise to withdraw the state from ERIC and he was keeping his promise. He notified the program that Alabama would “immediately and permanently cease to transmit any information” or participate in any way with the ERIC system when he takes office on January 16, 2023.

ERIC’s voter-roll management organization is used by 33 states ostensibly to identify duplicate or deceased registered voters by cross-referencing states’ voter and DMV records. Alabama joined ERIC in 2015, paying $25,000 a year for its membership.

However, ERIC was founded by far-left political activist David Becker.

Becker also founded the Center for Election Innovation and Research, one of the far-left groups that funneled over $400 million in grants from Mark Zuckerberg to run get-out-the-vote operations in largely Democrat counties from election offices during the 2020 elections.

ERIC shares voter roll data transmitted to the system with the Center for Election Innovation and Research which, in turn, uses that data to create targeted mailing lists for unregistered but likely Democrat voters to get them to register to vote.

What’s more, despite its purpose, ERIC doesn’t clean a state’s voter rolls. According to government watchdog Verity Vote, ERIC inflates the voter rolls.

Instead of relying on the left-wing-founded ERIC, Wes Allen plans to use change-of-address information from the US Postal Service, driver’s license records from the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, and death records from the state’s Department of Public Health to maintain accurate voter rolls.

Alabama is the second state to pull its membership to the ERIC system. In January, Louisiana suspended its participation over similar concerns.

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