Steve Bannon Loses Ally In Marjorie Taylor Greene

( – The Daily Beast reported over the weekend that Georgia’s firebrand Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has fallen out of favor with many of the most ardent Trump “influencers” in recent months, and she has had enough of them.

According to the Daily Beast, some “influencers” on the right who once cheered on Greene have begun to turn on her, most recently, over Greene’s support for Speaker Kevin McCarthy and for voting in favor of the debt ceiling deal.

The anger directed at Greene has even led to some on the right attacking and mocking the Georgia Republican over her recent divorce, not to mention calls for her to face a primary challenger.

Podcaster Steve Bannon recently called for a “REAL MAGA” candidate to challenge Greene in the 2024 Georgia primary.

Fringe podcaster Stew Peters told The Daily Beast that he would fully support a primary challenge to Greene and said he would be willing to meet and help a “serious” challenger.

Trump super fan Laura Loomer, who lost her 2022 congressional primary in Florida, told The Daily Beast that she is already considering challenging Greene in 2024, even though she lives in Florida. She even claimed that voters in Greene’s district are begging her to run.

Loomer told The Daily Beast that Trump rescinded his job offer to her after Greene “publicly accused me of being crazy,” so she thinks it is “only fair” that she tries to take Greene’s job in return. But if the fringe right is sick of Greene, the feeling appears mutual.

According to The Daily Beast, Greene told Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz in a text message that her voting record is identical to Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie, whom Greene described as “the most fiscally conservative member of Congress.” She noted that Massie voted for the debt ceiling deal as well.

She also blasted Steve Bannon for saying she should be primaried, telling Gaetz that Bannon is “reckless” and not nearly as fiscally responsible as she.

In her text, Greene criticized Bannon for his fraudulent “We Build the Wall” scheme, saying she naively donated thinking Bannon was telling the truth when he claimed that 100 percent of the donations would go to building the wall. She told Gaetz that her partnership with Bannon is over, adding “I’m done.”

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