Survey Suggests Most Unemployed Americans Aren’t Actively Seeking Work

Survey Suggests Most Unemployed Americans Aren't Actively Seeking Work

( – As more states ease and eliminate COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to assume that the people who lost their jobs would be rushing to fill a record number of openings. However, that assumption would be wrong.

Indeed (the online job pairing giant) Hiring Lab recently released the results of a survey they conducted between May 26 and June 3 of this year — and the numbers have been surprising. Almost 90% of those surveyed responded they are either only “passively searching” or are “not open to searching.”

The reasons were myriad and included fears that the pandemic may not be over yet, a spouse who is already employed, unemployment Insurance payments and the hundreds of dollars in additional weekly COVID unemployment benefits. In particular, the food and restaurant industry is finding it extremely difficult to find workers. Famed restaurateur Guy Fieri spoke about the expanded benefits using the analogy of a child who stuffed themselves with snacks and then treated their broccoli at dinnertime with disdain.

The situation is truly very complex and doesn’t lend itself to easy answers. Part of it could have resulted from paying people more to stay home than they receive while working, and some of it may have resulted from the political rhetoric boosting people’s hopes for a $15 federal minimum wage. The big takeaway is that somewhere around 9 million job openings remain unfilled because of what might be called a perfect storm of circumstances.

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