Survivor of Mao’s Purge Experiences PTSD from Current Events on College Campuses

( – A Republican congressional candidate who lived through China’s Cultural Revolution said this week that the pro-Hamas protests on American college campuses had given her post-traumatic stress.

In a Fox News interview on Tuesday, New Hampshire GOP candidate Lily Tang Williams said she felt as if history was repeating itself and that she feared the unrest she witnessed in China was coming back to haunt her in the US.

The Republican candidate was born in the Sichuan province of China before the start of Mao’s Cultural Revolution. Her childhood was marred by social chaos and she was subjected to communist indoctrination.

Tang Williams came to the US in 1988 to get a Master’s Degree at the University of Texas-Austin.

She told Fox that seeing the campus protesters chanting and using slogans while “humiliating people” left her feeling like she has PTSD. She said watching American students chanting “Death to America” made her think that the Chinese “Red Guards.”

The Red Guards were a student-led paramilitary social movement established by Chairman Mao in 1966 at the start of the Cultural Revolution.

Tang Williams said most of the American students who are joining the campus protests are “naïve” and “confused,” and as a result, could be easily manipulated by bad actors. She noted that Mao once said that the mind of the young is like a “blank piece of paper” on which “you can draw the most beautiful pictures.”

She said the campus protests are fueled by the same oppressor-oppressed model of “traditional Marxism.” While the Cultural Revolution in China was a class-based model, Tang Williams said the current “neo-Marxist” revolution is a model based on identity, with the Palestinians belonging to a coalition of oppressed groups.

Tang Williams said the subcategories didn’t matter. All that mattered was the agenda, which she said was well-funded and led by college students.

Tang Williams, who chairs the New Hampshire Asian American Coalition, is running in New Hampshire’s 2nd Congressional District.

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