Susan Collins Defeats Democratic Challenger

Susan Collins Defeats Democratic Challenger

( – The stakes couldn’t be higher with Republicans hoping to maintain control of the Senate. With the race in Georgia delayed until a January runoff election, the victory by Maine’s incumbent Republican Sen. Susan Collins is welcome news.

Collins won nearly 51% of the vote to Democratic challenger Sara Gideon’s 42%.

Maine has ranked-choice voting (RCV) statewide for elections. It’s the only state in the country to adopt the system for all elections — local and federal.

Under an RCV system, voters select their preferred candidates, ranking them according to preference, marking them as their first, second, and subsequent pick. Election officials tally the votes in a series of rounds, with the candidate with the lowest number of votes eliminated in each.

Once only two candidates remain, they declare a winner provided he or she receives more than 50% of the final vote count. In this instance, Collins won nearly 51% of the final vote count with more than 55% of the votes counted.

The result of the presidential election remains unknown, with several states remaining too close to call. However, Sen. Collins can rest easy now that Gideon called to congratulate her on her victory.

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