Swing State Voters Notice Joe Biden Doesn’t Look Well

(HorizonPost.com) – A focus group of North Carolina swing voters revealed that while President Biden’s advanced age is of significant concern to them, most of them would still vote for Biden over Trump in 2024, Axios reported.

The focus group was made up of 11 North Carolina voters who all voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 election but switched to Joe Biden in 2020. The participants included 3 Democrats, 1 Republican, and 7 Independents.

During the focus group, conducted by Engagious/Sago, the voters said watching President Biden’s verbal and physical stumbles leaves them feeling “exhausted,” “concerned,” and unconfident.

But despite their concerns over the president’s age, nine of the 11 swing voters said they would vote for Biden again in 2024 if Donald Trump is the Republican nominee.

When asked if there is anything that President Biden could do that would ease their concerns about his advanced age, one participant suggested that Biden should choose a different, “more experienced” vice presidential candidate.

Two other participants said they would need to see some improvement in Biden’s public speaking, suggesting that if he looked and sounded “more coherent” rather than stumbling over his words and rambling, that would help.

Most of the 11 participants said they respond negatively when they see the president or hear him speak. They suggested that Biden should have to debate his primary challengers to prove to voters that he has the mental capacity to be president. 

When asked what most concerned them about Donald Trump, the participants said it was all the drama that swirls around him.

One participant said that most of her hesitation over Trump stems from the “controversial things that have come to light” along with the general way he “carries himself.”

The participants also shared their views on the most recent indictment against Trump, describing it as embarrassing for the country and concerning for US national security. While 7 of the 11 participants said the indictment was politically motivated, they also expressed disgust and outrage at Trump’s actions.

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