Taliban Supporters Host ‘Mock Funeral’ After American Withdrawal

Taliban Supporters Host 'Mock Funeral' After American Withdrawal

(HorizonPost.com) – The Taliban terrorist group is now in control of what they call the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan after President Joe Biden’s ill-conceived plan for American and NATO troops to leave the country. One of their representatives in the city of Khost said, “August 31 is our formal Freedom Day,” as they celebrated the departure of the final US planes to leave Kabul.

They held a parade — better described as a mock funeral — featuring coffins covered with American, NATO, British, and French flags as part of that celebration. Supporters in the crowd held weapons aloft, including those left behind by the United States military, as well as flags representing the government put in place by the insurgents.

Perhaps in an effort to cement themselves as the legitimate government of Afghanistan in the minds of the world, the group expressed anger because departing soldiers rendered military helicopters left behind inoperable. A spokesman said they should have been left intact “because we believe [they are] a national asset and we are the government now.”

As fears grow worldwide over the potential persecution of women under Islamic Sharia Law, the new overseers have expressly told the United States not to interfere. Fox News reported spokesman Suhail Shaheen told them, “There will be no issue about women’s rights.”

It seems not everyone in the country has something to celebrate.

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