Ted Cruz Accuses U.S. Military of Political Targeting

Ted Cruz Tells U.S. Military Officials to Stop Targeting Conservatives

(HorizonPost.com) – Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has gone on the attack again. This time, he’s defending Fox News’ Tucker Carlson against verbal attacks over comments Carlson made on air. To that end, on March 14, Cruz sent a letter to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin demanding a meeting with the Commandant of the United States Marine Corps, Gen. David H. Berger.

In general terms, on Women’s Day, March 8, Carlson criticized the US military’s adaptation to feminine soldiers, comparing pregnant female US troops to China’s more masculine, enhanced Naval fleet. He called the policies, condoned by the Pentagon, a mockery of the US military and “out of control.”

However, the problem in question started when some in the military, including Austin, inferred that Carlson’s comments were issued as an attack on women in military service. Regardless of what Carlson may or may not have meant, Senator Cruz is upset about the political responses made by active-duty personnel on official social media profiles while in uniform.

According to a September 19, 2012, article found on the Joint Base Charleston website, there are “broad Pentagon directives that say military personnel in uniform cannot… participate in any [broadcasts] that advocate for or against a political party, candidate or cause.” The interpretation of this is, of course, up to the powers that be. It’s likely a US Senator will get some answers… and possibly an apology.

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