Tensions Peak As Foxx Lashes Out In Elevator Encounter

(HorizonPost.com) – North Carolina Republican Rep. Virginia Fox, who has a history of getting snippy about the members-only elevators in the Capitol, was captured on video last Thursday ordering reporters out of the way so she could get to the elevators, the New York Post reported.

A group of reporters was questioning Florida Republican Rep. Byron Donalds about the ongoing Speaker’s fight when Foxx tried to fight her way through the group to get to the elevator. The 80-year-old North Carolina Rep ordered the reporters to “Move!”

Rep. Donalds apologized to Foxx as she ordered the reporters to “get away from the damned elevator!”

The Florida Rep. directed Foxx toward an incoming elevator and as she entered the lift, she ordered the reporters to find somewhere else to talk.

Donalds told reporters that he loved Foxx, explaining that you always know where you stand with her.

When one reporter suggested that Foxx should run for Speaker of the House, Donalds said she would “probably saddle up.”

Quote-posting the video of the incident on X, Rep. Foxx described the scene as “Official Foxx Business,” adding, “Nothing to see here people.”

In 2012, Foxx berated a congressional staffer who had the temerity to take a members-only elevator, questioning whether the staffer’s ability to read the “members only” sign.

The Hill reported at the time that Foxx, who has represented North Carolina’s 5th Congressional District since 2005, would routinely give staffers a dressing down if she caught them taking the members-only elevators.

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