The Green New Deal vs Sensible Environmental Reform

The Green New Deal vs Sensible Environmental Reform

( – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), or AOC as the mainstream media has dubbed her, is a far-Left, Socialist, Liberal Democrat looking to make her name. The Green New Deal is AOC’s baby, and, in her mind, her claim to fame in the political world. There’s just one problem; this deal may be the most expensive one she could have concocted. Not only is there no way to pay for it, but it pulls money directly from American pockets.

We might be able to circumvent some of that, but some of the proposed changes are more destructive to the environment than current methods. Just one example is the oil-leaking wind energy model that relies on fiberglass blades, which, to make or dispose of, are anything but energy efficient. As it turns out, even some Democrats recognize the fallacy of the plan since AOC was snubbed from being a part of the Energy Committee.

While the Green New Deal clearly isn’t the answer, and the idea itself of climate change is dubious, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take steps towards sensible environmental reform.

Sensible Environmental Reforms

We put together a shortlist of things companies can do to reduce their carbon footprint without costing taxpayers millions or billions of dollars. It’s just a shortlist, but it’s a start.

  • Reduce workers’ emissions via transportation by increasing daily hours, reducing the amount of days worked or offering work-at-home options. They can also offer incentives for carpooling and an in-house daycare that helps reduce traffic.
  • Use direct deposit instead of paper checks.
  • Offer recycling bins and drink dispensers instead of single-use bottles.
  • Offer incentives to sellers by setting significant environmental stipulations and make those stipulations part of the pre-determined requirements for taking on vendors.
  • Reduce packaging waste.
  • Collaborate with innovators for more effective waste disposal methods.
  • Veer away from single-use models and packaging.

Any company can take a closer look at their current business model and find ways to look out for the environment. With many CEOs making millions or even billions, it’s easy to see where some of that funding might be reallocated into innovation with environmentally-friendly results that won’t hurt Americans’ wallets.

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