This Armless Racer Drives Using Only His Feet

This Armless Racer Drives Using Only His Feet

( – Driving a racecar can be a dangerous and physically demanding sport. For example, NASCAR drivers are fine-tuned athletes who spend a significant amount of time developing upper body strength to handle the steering wheel. However, that’s not the case for Bartek Ostalowski because he drives his car a little differently.

Ostalowski is a professional behind the wheel of a drift car — a form of driving where drivers intentionally and safely lose control of their cars and then take control again — who lost both arms in a motorcycle accident. He now uses one foot instead of two hands to maneuver around the track.

The Polish man’s chosen style involves using the gas, clutch, brake, gearshift, and hand (emergency) brake to speed through twists and turns at twice highway speeds, riding the razor’s edge between turning the corner and crashing. He uses his left foot to steer the car, his shoulder to change gears, and his right foot for all the rest in his specially modified vehicle — and he does it exceedingly well.

According to the Polish Drift Championship website, after the first three rounds of the 2021 season, Ostalowski ranked fourth on the Pro2 circuit. In 2019, he finished the season ranked 9/50. Much like the Paralympic athletes who recently competed at the Tokyo Games, he exemplifies the human spirit, refusing to give up even though life tried its best to knock him down.

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