This Drug Is Harming Children More Than Anyone Else, Warning Says

This Drug Is Harming Children More Than Anyone Else, Warning Says

( – A frightening new a new report issued by Families Against Fentanyl revealed that children under 14 are succumbing to fentanyl poisoning at higher rates than ever before.

Some of the most startling statistics were tied to fentanyl-related deaths in infants. The number of deaths between 2019 and 2021 quadrupled. And the 1-4 year old age group? Tripled. Ages 5 to 14? Quadrupled. How are these children even gaining access to or being exposed to a drug as dangerous as Fentanyl?

The answer isn’t heart-warming. Most of these children were unintentionally poisoned. Under 1% of deaths related to fentanyl were attributed to intentional suicide.

Th FAF brief was based on Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data on fentanyl poisoning fatalities. Reports show the DEA issued several public safety alerts about fentanyl last year, and Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody warned of Mexican cartels targeting young Americans with rainbow fentanyl pills, which look like candy but are laced with fentanyl.

The numbers for 2022 were no better, setting new records. According to the CDC, the number rose to a total of 110,236 deaths in 2022.

DEA officials in December that they had seized enough fentanyl in 2022 to kill off the entire country. Over 356 million deadly doses of fentanyl were seized in Texas and Florida alone.

Imagine a dose of drug smaller and as hard to detect as a mosquito. That’s all it takes – just two milligrams – to kill a grown adult. Fentanyl is up too 100 times more potent than drugs like morphine.

Biden has been urged to press Mexico to take action to prevent fentanyl from crossing the border. Despite meeting with the president of Mexico, it did not appear as though Biden felt this was a topic worthy of discussion. Biden has also failed to demand accountability and cooperation in meetings with Obrador and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Federal and state law enforcement agencies generally believe Mexico and China to be the largest sources of the drug. They believe crime groups in China ship precursors to Mexico, where they are intercepted for manufacturing. Even worse? Many experts believe crime rates around the border are so high because migrant warfare is designed to be a distraction for drug trafficking.

It appears that the Biden administration, and some in Congress, love open borders and the CCP more than children and their safety.

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