TikTok Hearing Labeled A “Disaster”

(HorizonPost.com) – The hearing that featured TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew was labeled a disaster, according to Breitbart News. The House Committee on Energy and Commerce set up the hearing on the back of legislation that can reportedly ban the Chinese social media application in the United States. But the hearing caused lawmakers to call for the app’s ban right on the spot, according to the outlet.

Founders Fund Vice President Mike Solana tweeted that the hearing made it obvious that China is spying on 150 million Americans and noted the bipartisan solidarity throughout the testimony. 

Glenn Greenwald reiterated the sentiment, calling the unity “striking.” Greenwald said that the reasons for the unity included predatory algorithms, abuses of users’ data privacy, and mental health issues that affect minors. 

A recent study shows that the app was recommending suicide videos to young teens. Just after 10 minutes of browsing the app, the algorithm began to show teens videos on suicide and violence. The study added that this behavior is indicative across other social media platforms as well. 

When Republican Rep. August Pfluger asked Chew whether the CCP “could have the ability to manipulate data and send it to the United States, the CEO replied “could,” agreeing with the statement. After another question from Rep. Bob Latta, Chew admitted that China has access to users’ data. 

When asked whether he acknowledges the CCP’s persecution of the Uyghur population, Chew refused four times and deflected back to why he is there. Some lawmakers reportedly see his refusal to answer as an indication that he is being controlled by the communist party. 

The hearing comes as the bipartisan RESTRICT Act designed to address the ongoing threat posed by technology from foreign adversaries,” and to “mitigate information communications and technology transactions that pose undue risk to our national security,” but some critics say that it will not actually ban TikTok, according to American Pigeon

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