TikTok Sued By Indiana For Targeting Minors With Adult Content

(HorizonPost.com) – The state of Indiana is suing the Chinese-owned social media platform TikTok for targeting minors with adult content and deceiving users about the safety of their data, according to Just the News.

“TikTok is actively exposing our children to drug use, alcohol abuse, profanity and [sic] explicit material at a young age,” Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita said, adding that the parents of these children are being deceived about the safety of their stored data.

The first lawsuit focuses on the app’s algorithm which allegedly gets young people addicted to the app, as well as exposing them to inappropriate content. The suit also states that the company claims to be age-appropriate for those 12 and older, but that it violates the state’s consumer-protection laws.

The second suit alleges that user data is not properly secured and is being accessed by the Chinese government to potentially spy on and blackmail users.

ByteDance, the app’s parent company, operates out of China, although TikTok itself is banned within the country. Former President Donald Trump was the first to warn Americans about the app’s security risks, but now other federal officials are reiterating Trump’s claims.

FBI Director Chris Wray recently said that the company poses national security concerns, including the possibility of the CCP collecting millions of user data and manipulating the algorithm for “influence operations,” as well as even control software on millions of devices.

Indiana’s two lawsuits come on the same day that Maryland Republican Gov. Larry Hogan reportedly banned the app from state devices.

TikTok claims to be transparent about its operations but it was discovered that the app collects user information through iOS clipboards, according to conservative magazine American Pigeon. Apple reportedly caught the company copying that information from users as a result of “old code.”

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