Trooper Narrowly Escapes Tragedy Amid Dangerous Crash

Trooper Narrowly Escapes Tragedy Amid Dangerous Crash

( – Becoming a police officer means putting one’s life on the line for the safety of others and catching criminals. But that’s not where the service ends. On December 1 in Idaho, a state trooper stopped to help a motorist stranded on the median on the busy I-84 highway in Ada County. As he was helping the man change the flat tire on his Toyota, a white truck barreled into the man’s car, nearly killing both the officer and the stranded driver.

As the truck smashed into the stopped car, the quick-thinking men leaped backward over a median barrier and out of harm’s way. The state trooper flew over the median into oncoming traffic.

The officer’s dashcam captured the entire hair-raising event. Upon investigation, it appeared the white truck was trying to pass the trooper’s vehicle when another truck sideswiped it, forcing the driver and his vehicle toward the men.

Both individuals suffered only minor injuries from the incident.

Idaho state law requires drivers to change lanes, if possible, and slow down when passing any emergency vehicles or police on the roadway. Those who don’t obey the law put everyone on the road at risk of injury or death. The men were lucky to walk away with their lives.

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