Trump Ally Thinks Susan Rice Is a “Shadow President”

Trump Ally Thinks Susan Rice Is a

( – At noon on January 20, 2021, a new leader took over the Oval Office, but it may not have been the person who swore the Oath of Office, according to one Washington insider. Richard Grenell, who was once Director of National Intelligence (DNI) in President Donald Trump’s administration, warned in January that Susan Rice, who served under Barack Obama, would become a “shadow president.” In a May 12 interview with CPAC NOW, the video news arm of the American Conservative Union, he doubled down on it.

Ms. Rice is ostensibly the head of the White House Domestic Policy Council, but the former DNI believes that she may be playing puppeteer for President Joe Biden, leading the administration’s charge into the far-Left Progressive Liberal camp. She was a virulent anti-Trumper who went to great lengths in the closing months of the Obama era to sabotage the incoming president.

In the (quite literal) final minutes of Obama’s presidency, she sent herself an email that described a meeting weeks before that included herself, Biden, and several other officials discussing potentially withholding information from the incoming president’s team. Grenell’s allegations are nothing but his own opinion. However, if proven true, it would cast a shadow on both Biden and Obama.

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